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July 27, 2013

Due to my scrambled need for everything to have a tidy ending, I wish to inform you that our MidWestern tour ended without a BANG.
Thank The Lord.
We spent the second half of the trip in the Galena/Dubuque area, visiting the in-laws. The kids each got to take a turn driving Grandpa’s pontoon boat:


…and we learned how to play the marine version of musical chairs every time Jeff and his dad got interested in something off the back, or over the side.

A well balanced boat is key to not capsizing, just FYI.
The kids went fishing (I declined, but I heard it was great).

We took a hike through the woods, all 13 of us. Jeff’s mom got a nice family picture at one of the overlooks. This is not that picture, but I like this picture, so this is the picture you get to see:

The highlight of the second half was the family reunion. You don’t know anything about being competitive until you hang out with these people. In addition to tons of food, the big deal is the Bean Bag Tournament, complete with bracketed divisions for Kiddie, Youth & Adult. The kids know that their parents’ love is contingent upon a trophy. (Yes, there are trophies and no, we don’t love our kids anymore.)



I’m pretty sure Jeff’s cousin has an off-season training camp for his kids. I had the play if the evening, with three bags in on one throw but, of course, no photographic evidence. I only have two hands, and the camera took a back seat to the beanbag and my beverage. Still, we ended up with second place trophies to add to the collection. At least we placed. I also made it to the Final Four in the Texas Hold ’em Tournament. I’ve got the bug now, so my brother in law had best bring his A-game next year. (*insert evil laughter*)

The trip rounded off with a nice summer rain and some really beautiful double rainbows.

The local newspaper re-tweeted the image I sent them, so I had my 15 minutes of front porch fame.

On our way out of town, we stopped at a farm to grab some Illinois sweet corn. We bought four dozen ears. (I’ll be putting up corn ALL day tomorrow.)

Unless you know the difference, you may think, “What’s the big deal?” Or, “Why would you drive 50 ears of corn across the country?” Well, I’ll show you. On the left is some corn that my kind neighbor brought over for us from his garden here in VA. On the right, is some beautiful Peaches-n-Cream IL sweet corn. In this instance, a picture is certainly worth a thousand words…



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