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July 29, 2013

Today in VA, it is Monday. I prefer Thursdays but, whatever, you play the hand you’re dealt.

I was up too late last night, which means I am already updated on the latest social media posts from everyone I know, so I have nothing new to read while I growl at my coffee. I decide to look at Pinterest, but not ALL of Pinterest, just the Humor tab. (Or, Humour , if you prefer; apparently they’ll let anyone in.) I just need a few minutes of entertainment and learning how to make penguin-shaped fruit baskets in the kitchen that I should have remodeled with chalkboard paint and fabric-covered cereal boxes, after I cleaned it with lemon peel and kitten tears, is just more than I can bear at this early hour.


I scroll through, reasonably entertained and stumble across a few memes that cause me to actually LOL. I chuckled. Out loud. (This would be the perfect application of the word literally )

But, I couldn’t help it. I can totally see my grandma in this meme:
Please pardon the language in some of these pictures. I could black it out, but the tone would be lost and, well, we’re all adults here. Suck it up, Buttercup.

I also giggled at a strip of dog-shaming pictures. This is where people write notes about the terrible offenses their pets have committed and make the animal wear the note whilst having the picture taken.

It’s funnier if you read it in a “doggy voice”.

I finally realized that my Monday was going to be fine when I saw this:

I’m still laughing and I’m still not sure why…

So, I congratulate myself for laughing out loud before 7am on a Monday; it can only get better from here.
The next strip is a story about a guy who had three days to live, so he got to go watch a training camp with his favorite weird European sports team and then they made a giant poster of him and everyone stood up and sang his favorite song and then he died.

Well, that’s a buzzkill. Still, it’s early on a Monday and if I actually bothered to pin anything in Pinterest, I might mis-categorize something every now and then… So I’ll let it slide.
But THEN… I see a strip with still shots from the saddest part of every Disney movie EVER.

I keep scrolling, waiting for a punch line that never comes. Are you kidding me?? This is not humor, it’s torture. Forget that I could have read the other side of the screen and followed a tutorial on how to make a DIY marshmallow launcher, I had already seen this cruel display. Throwing down some dead Bambi Mama at 0645? That could literally kill a person. (Maybe. It could definitely almost figuratively kill a person.)
There should be repercussions for this kind of thing. My Monday is shot.


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  1. I’ve found that Pinterest just makes me feel inadequate. The only page that makes me happy is the food page. And even that gets spoiled if I look at the fitness stuff afterwards…

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