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October 19, 2013

Lots of excitingness going on in VA lately.
Somebody in Washington must’ve seen the Blue Screen of Death, because they had to shut down the government, wait 16 days and then re-boot. It still doesn’t seem to be quite right; lots of lag.

Some truckers tried to de-frag the hard drive, but it just brought everything to a halt while we stared at the screen and waited for the process to complete. Ultimately, did no good.

About the only thing that’ll fix this mess is a complete wipe and return to default manufacturer settings. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until November 5th, by which time the drama will have been forgotten. We will have become accustomed to working with a more inefficient system and the lag will become the norm.
In other news, Square Peg Farm was dealt a low blow, courtesy of some deer who got very hungry for pumpkins just a few weeks prior to opening day. The mini pumpkins survived, as did the gourds, so Allie set up a farm stand.

It’s really cute and she has had a few customers stop by, which is always super exciting. Next year, there will be fencing and fortifications and possibly a moat surrounding our pumpkins. Lesson learned.

The feel-good story of late:
Every morning I walk Tater down the adorable country lane (read:driveway) to meet the school bus. Last Tuesday, we’re walking down, past the horse pasture, and he asks me if I smell “that”. I say “what?” He says there must be flowers or something because something smells really awesome and we look around to see what could possibly be blooming in mid-October that would smell so nice.
Me: All I see is a bunch of horse crap.
Tate: Maybe they Febreeze’d it.
*cymbal crash!*



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